Our main developing products are the 5G/6G base station chips and satellite communication chips. Especially, we focus on the baseband chips for O-RAN (Open RAN) base stations, satellites, and ground stations. The O-RAN base station is typically divided into three different modules for cost reduction via a multi-vendor structure. It has become a new trend for 5G/6G technology. Ranictek’s chip solutions are able to provide the power saving such that the power consumption of the base stations can be reduced for carbon neutral. We also focus on providing the cost-effective solutions for our customers. By our chip solutions, we expect to fulfil the massive production and deployment of O-RAN base stations. 

Ranictek provides the following energy-saving and cost-effective baseband solutions: 

(Supporting O-RAN Split 7.2x Option with Cat-B & Cat-B ULPI A/B)

(Supporting Analog, Hybrid, and Digital Beamforming)

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